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Originally published February 2, 2013 at 8:00 PM | Page modified February 2, 2013 at 8:08 PM

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Readers react to Steve Kelley's retirement

Highlights of emails from Seattle Times readers about Steve Kelley's retirement.


"I have always enjoyed reading your columns and I don't know what I will do without them."

— John Shannon, Sammamish

"Thank you for adding some enjoyment to my life and regularly putting a smile on my face. Each day, I look forward to your column. I'm going to miss your insights and your personal stories. One of your faithful legion of readers."

— Bill Hanna, Redmond

"I have enjoyed your byline since I moved to the area in 1994. Your love of sports, players, coaches and the games has been enlightening and inspiring. Your sense of fair play and joy in the moments has transported me to the fields.You will be missed."

— Kathy Fisher, Bellevue

"As a kid, I always rushed to the paper box in the afternoon when The Seattle Times was to be delivered. We were a Seattle Times house. Your columns were always ones that I enjoyed. Maybe I agreed with 75 percent and I disagreed with 25 percent, but always enjoyed them and they inspired healthy sports debate and opinion."

— Gunnar Holmstrom

"Thank you for the insight, reflection and making sense of the sports world. Your words will be missed."

— Allan Meyers

"You have a sharp wit, a turn of a phrase and a passion for sports that I admire greatly. So thank you for 30 years of great fun and wonderful insight."

— Dave Dion, Yakima

"Many times I've agreed with your views, and just as many times I've disagreed. Regardless, I've kept coming back over the years. I guess that's because you don't alienate an audience even if they don't agree with you. I wish you all the best, mate!"

— Shane Mullaney,

Kilsyth, Australia

"While I've often disagreed with your stuff, it was always a must read for me, and the Seattle sports scene will be poorer in your absence. What a delightful parting gift that you are getting the Sonics back! Good luck to you, including best wishes for getting that handicap down!"

— Stu Haas, Seattle

"I've enjoyed the insights, strong opinions, pieces about the higher meaning of life, profiles of struggles and all the fictional characters who have inhabited your columns over the years. ... You've served as a moral voice of authority in the sometimes murky world of big-time sports — and never lost the ability to convey the joy of the games — and occasional heartache."

— T.J. McGill

"Although I didn't always agree with your articles — especially your over-the-top enthusiasm for pro sports — you were always worth reading. Your articles were well-written and articulate."

— Bruce Sillers, Redmond

"You are the reason I subscribe to The Seattle Times. I look to you to sum up and put sports moments into context, and will miss you being on our front porch in the morning.

"Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Tyrone Willingham, Slick Rick, Howard Schultz, Chris Hansen, and for dozens of other stories large and small, I looked to your voice, which helped me decide where my own thinking would settle in for this great hobby and pastime following sport."

— Michael Romoser, Seattle

"I'll miss you being a part of my life, but I know that life goes on. I wish you all the best in retirement, and hope you get to do all you want to do. You, sir, are the best of the best."

— Rich Busey,

Rochester, Minn.