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February 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM

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Military women win right to combat roles

Women should not be in combat

There seems to be a concerted effort by the commander in chief to toy with the armed forces that will result in diminishing combat readiness. The latest tinkering is pressing to put our women in the brutal business of battlefield combat [“Military women win battle to serve in combat,” page one, Jan. 24].

What has worked in the past with great success in America’s historic victories seems lost to the civilian wizards of smart. To reduce the stature of women by becoming brutes who must kill to win, which the menfolk are required to do, tarnishes the inspiration that men fight for.

Today, as much if not more than ever, the visage of our women must be a major refining element in our society that diminishes the brute instinct of the guys. A great example was Esther and Abigail of the Old Testament who cooled the passions of kings and halted their folly.

Manners and civility in America could also use some improvement. The effort comes from mama, grandma and our sisters. Let’s keep them out of the foxholes.

--Ray Womack, Olalla